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Know How to Fix iPhoto error code 36

iPhoto is one of the most useful and Powerful photo Management application which is used in Mac OS. By using this tool you can easily save all you precious images. However in some cases you will come across situation where you fail to backup images in external drive. Backup Process fails and you will get iPhoto error code 36. This is the situation where you will surely look for some effective solution so as to get rid of the problem, if now last good known backup is available.


The error message while backing up images in External Drive, will somehow similar to below written one:

  • Error Code – 36 can’t copy iPhoto library to external HD
  • The Finder can’t complete the operation because some data in iPhoto Library can’t be read /written or Error Code 36

With these error message, backup process halt in the middle which will trouble you a lot. Usually the problem occur because of different reasons like damage in file system, incorrect file permission, improper system shut down, virus infection and so on. However in order to get rid of error 36 you can perform below mentioned steps:

  • First of all check read/write permission of iPhoto Library Folder and ensure owner, group and you have both read/write permissions and for other “Red Only” Permission is set.
  • Next you can check the functionality of hard disk by executing Disk Utility tool

In case if both the steps fails to resolve your problem, then in that circumstances you ultimately have to take help of third party iPhoto Library recovery software so as to resolve entire problems easily and safely. This tool will easily fix iPhoto error code 36 and recover all lost, deleted or corrupted files easily and safely. Software is very easy to use and you can get back all lost images by simply making few mouse clicks. It is fully compatible with different Mac Versions like OS X 10.3.9, 10.4, 10.5 snow Leopard, Tiger Etc.