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Easy Way To Recover Photos From iPhoto Library

Lost precious photos from iPhoto library? Unable to find them from iPhoto library folder and "Finder"? Looking for an ultimate solution to recover photos from iPhoto library? Well, then fortunately you are on the right path. In this article we have discussed about iPhoto library and reasons for photos loss from iPhoto library. Additionally, discussed both the Manual Steps and Automatic Steps (with help of recovery tool) to recover them. So, follow the article and restore your lost photos from iPhoto library.

Know More About iPhoto

iPhoto is popular digital photo cataloguing application that is specifically designed for Mac operating systems. This very tool incorporates many features and particularly used to print, share and edit pictures, import, maintain, pictures from digital cameras, scanners, picture CDs as well as Internet. The all data ie pictures are stored in a specific folder that is popularly known as iPhoto library folder. The very application iPhoto offers some very advanced features such as the full screen display modes, Facebook enhancement, face recognition and some like other.

In addition to photos, iPhoto known to contain data files representing attributes such as ratings, keywords, albums. With so much astonishing features, iPhoto is always admiring but inspite if corruption or deletion occurs to these data / picture files, photos from iPhoto library become inaccessible after which user wonder for solution to recover photos from iPhoto library. There are number of reasons that leads to corruption or deletion of photos from iPhoto library. Some very common of them are enlisted below:-

  • Accidental deletion of precious photos.
  • Corruption to the iPhoto library database.
  • Mistakenly deleting an entire iPhoto library.
  • Interference during synchronization of iPhoto library.
  • Severe virus attack on the photos in iPhotos library folder.

Really it's a very disappointing moment for a macOS user but the good news is that one can easily restore deleted, corrupted as well as erased photos from iPhoto library. We have discussed here both the automatic and manual step to recover photos from iPhoto library. So, you just need to follow the below given solution and happily get back your precious photos.

Step to Regain Photos from iPhoto Library

Step 1:- Manual Way (For Only Experienced Mac Users)
Step 2:- Automatic Solution (Via Data Recovery Tool)

Manual Way To Restore Photos From iPhoto Library

Method 1:- Restore a deleted photo From Trash

  • Select Trash in the Source list.
  • Select the photo that you want to restore.
  • Choose Photos >> “Restore to Photo Library.”
  • or, Alternatively, you can drag the item out of Trash to an empty part.

Trash option will only works if you haven't emptied Trash or deleted file using “Shift+Delete” command option. In case you have done this wrong, try Time Machine utility to get back photos from iPhoto library.

Method 2:-Recover Photos from iPhoto Library Via Time Machine

  • First of all, Quit iPhoto.
  • Connect to your Time Machine drive.
  • Now from Finder, open the folder containing your iPhoto Library (You can found in Home/Pictures/iPhoto Library).
  • Enter Time Machine(this can be found in Dock or in the /Applications folder).
  • Choose your desired backup.
  • Now, select the iPhoto library that you would like to restore.
  • Finally, click onto the Restore button.

Time machine is best utility to restore deleted data including iPhoto library. In case the situation persist need not to panic as you can overcome the above stated problems through rebuilding the iPhoto library.

Trash option will only works if you haven't emptied Trash or deleted file using “Shift+Delete” command option. In case you have done this wrong, try Time Machine utility to get back photos from iPhoto library.

Method 3:-Rebuild iPhoto library

iPhoto includes specific feature that allows you to rebuild currently selected iPhoto library. Rebuilding the file sometimes helps to resolve issues such as unreadable iPhoto library, missing photos from iPhoto library, or some other kind of issues related to the reading of iPhoto library structure. You need to follow the given below steps:-

  • Quit iPhoto if it is open.
  • Press and hold Command and Option keys.
  • Open iPhoto.
  • Keep keys held down until you see message to rebuild the library.
  • A dialog box will appear with the rebuild options.
  • Now, Select the options you want to use.
  • Click Rebuild to begin rebuild process(this may take few minutes to complete.)
  • Here you have choose “how you would like to rebuild your iPhoto library” which include these option:-
    • “Repair the iPhoto Library Database”
    • “Rebuild the iPhoto Library Database from automatic backup”
    • “Rebuild the photos small thumbnails”
    • “Rebuild all of the photos thumbnails”
    • “Recover orphaned photos in the iPhoto Library folder”
    • “Examine and repair iPhoto Library file permissions”

Hope following the aforesaid methods, you have successfully recover photos from iPhoto library but the situation become more worse if these methods doesn't works. We know losing memorable pictures due to any reasons is awful but no need to worry as we are providing here the best alternative solution in form of Data Recovery Software using which you can easily and hassle-freely recover photos from iPhoto library.

Best Tool For Recovery Of Photos From iPhoto Library

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Stellar Mac Data Recovery 

R-Studio Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Mac Data Recovery is a best utility to recovers lost / deleted / formatted photos from iPhoto library. This very recovery tool ensure full safety of your media files on Mac. Really losing memorable photos, music collections, beautiful videos is awful moment but the good news is that with the availability of Stellar Mac Data Recovery recovery now become easy without compromising in their original quality you can restore iPhoto pictures. Additionally, the tool is able to recover videos, songs and some other kind of multimedia files. It is designed with much simple and interactive interface and thus one don't need to make great effort in recovering photos from iPhoto library. Moreover, Stellar Mac Data Recovery offer selective file type, hard drive / volume recovery, save scan information & resume recovery features that makes its more awesome.

Key Features Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

  • Photo recovery from encrypted hard drives possible.
  • Restores photos, audios, & videos of different formats.
  • Selective file type, hard drive / volume recovery.
  • Enhanced scanning engine quickly scans hard drives.
  • Supports HFS+, FAT32, ExFAT, and NTFS based systems.
  • Compatible with all macOS X version including the latest macOS Sierra.


My 4GB SDHC memory card got corrupt suddenly where all my precious photos are stored. But thanks to Stellar Mac Data Recovery using which I got all my deleted photos back. Nice software awesome experience

Jim Sen

The tool contains all the desired features to restore data. The best part is that no compromise on the picture quality. Good product glad I found it to restore lost photos.


R-Studio Mac Data Recovery

For iPhoto library recovery, R-Studio Mac Data Recovery is very powerful and cost-effective data recovery tool that is especially designed for Mac OS X environment. This very effective tool is capable to recovers lost data including photos from iPhoto library on disks, as well as support recovery from formatted, damaged or deleted partitions. Additionally, it is capable to restore data you lost as resultant of virus attack or power failure, and capable to do HFS/HFS+ (Macintosh) recovery. R-Studio Mac Data Recovery features scan process visualization that means it can graphically shows items that have been recovered. It is easy to use, reliable and too much secure.

Key Features Of R-Studio Mac Data Recovery

  • Recovers files on damaged or deleted partitions.
  • Recover data lost by virus attack or power failure.
  • Recovers compressed, encrypted & formatted files.
  • Recovers data forks, resource forks, finder information.
  • Able to restore data from hard disk with bad sectors.


Really a great tool I have used so far. I tried R-Studio Mac Data Recovery to restore photos from iPhoto library and truly it works and works great. Would love to recommended every one!!


Stunned by the performance of R-Studio Mac Data Recovery. Superb and very easy to use. I tried this tool to restore data from formatted hard disk. Splendid software and would like to rate 3.5/5.


MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is most comprehensive and reliable data recovery tool to recover photos from iPhoto library. It follows simple techniques and includes powerful recovery functional modules ie Undelete Recovery, Digital Media Recovery, Damaged Partition Recovery, and Lost Partition Recovery. The tool is capable to recover photos, videos, emails, music, documents, and some other types of data. User can enjoy data recovery in advance as it has data preview effect. The recovery process is very simple, in just simple 3 steps you can recover lost data. The three step includes:- Select file types >> Scan >> Preview and recover. The tool too incorporates "Advanced Filter" that helps users to filter out unnecessary files.

Key Features Of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

  • Fast, safe and easy to use.
  • Recovers up to 1GB of data for free.
  • Four powerful recovery functional modules.
  • Recovers from flash memory cards and optical media.
  • Flexible, accurate and Time-saving data recovery tool.


Totally amazed!! I tried MiniTool Mac Data Recovery to recover photos from iPhoto library and truly amazed. Wonderful software and very easy to use. Would recommend to all.


Great software is MiniTool Mac Data Recovery! I use this tool day before to recover lost photos and videos and totally worth of money. Would rate 4/5!! Love this app


Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery

Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery is amazing software to retrieve photos from iPhoto library. Losing photos due to any reasons like emergence of some kind of error including iPhoto library error code 36, iPhoto library copy error 43 and some other is worrying but need not to panic with availability of Do Your Data you can easily regain lost, deleted photos from iPhoto library. This very data recovery utility scan throughly your damaged or corrupted file system and help you to recover your files in just a few clicks.

Because of its clean, intuitive interface as well as quick scan and recovery speeds Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery is one better choice for user trying tool for first time. The suggested tool is capable for quickly recovering lost files from the Mac notebook, desktop, Mac-based hard drive, removable device, digital device, lost due to deleting, formatting, virus attacking, or the reasons is OS crash, improper operation. Moreover, it preview the recovered files before you save them as well as more impressive it is 100% safe, read-only recovery process.

Key Features Of Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery

  • 100% safe, read-only recovery process.
  • Easily search, filter and quickly locate the files.
  • Facility for save and resume the recovery procedure as you want.
  • Clean & Wizard-based interface made recovery process more easy.
  • Complete recovery of files from formatted, reformatted or erased Mac hard drive.


Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery recovered all my lost photos from my Macbook, thanks sossoso much..!! It is the best app I have used so far, Truly saved my life. I will keep it on my Mac

David Wane

I have a 2TB portable hard drive, that was accidentally formatted last night. But thanks to Do Your Data Mac Data Recovery tool that finds all my important documents. It is pretty simple to use


Free Software To Recover Photos From iPhoto Library

Pandora Data Recovery Software

If you are looking for an best and effective trial version software in order to recover photos from iPhoto library then Pandora Data Recovery Software is the best tool you can go with. This tool incorporates with latest and uniques features which help in iPhoto library recovery no matter what's the reason behind photos loss. Its powerful and enhanced scanning algorithm scans computer system disks throughly in search for files, folders, documents, some other kind of data and easily restore them back. Pandora Data Recovery Software is capable to recover almost kind of files as well as following successful recovery help you to save corrupted files to desired destination of your choice. The tool also enable deep scanning techniques that proved to be very helpful to regain data lost nearly one month ago.

Key Features Of Pandora Data Recovery Software

  • Deep scan methods.
  • Scan for all deleted files.
  • Display preview of deleted files.
  • Recover files deleted for long time.
  • Capable to recover files from NTFS.
  • Easy, interactive and simple user interface.


Its simple interface make Pandora very easy to use and thus I doesn't need to contact technical support staff. I love this application very much and would rate 4/5


Pandora Data Recovery Software proven very helpful to me. In just simple clicks I able to restore my deleted, formatted data. Thanks once again for saving my life as those data are much important to me.


Download Pandora

Why Stellar Mac Data Recovery Is Best Software To Use?

Losing precious photos from iPhoto library is bad moment for any user but what if you get them back. Obviously, awesome and aforesaid we have designed each and every possible way to recover photos from iPhoto library which include manual way as well as automatic solution ie with help of software. All the software discussed above are excellent but choosing among them is really matter of confusion. Why so confuse? Yup we strongly recommend you to make use of Stellar Mac Data Recovery over other tools. The suggested tool is awesome and designed by experienced professionals with much simple and interactive interface. One don't need to make great effort to recover lost photos or other media files using Stellar Mac Data Recovery. Some very astonishing features of the suggested tool are listed below:-

  • Powerful scan & preview options.
  • It has very simple interface and managed modules.
  • Restores photos, audios, & videos of different formats.
  • Helpful tool for recovery from encrypted hard drives.
  • Compatible with all macOS X version and Windows version.

How To Use Stellar Mac Data Recovery (USER GUIDE)

Step 1:- First of all you need to Download Stellar Mac Data Recovery.

Step 2:- Following successful install, you get the initial of Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery software Mac. Here you need to click on 'Recover Photo, Audio & Video' button in order to recover deleted or lost photos, audios & videos files.

Step 3:- Now, all drives and attached media are listed. Select your desired drive >> Click on 'Scan Now' button in order to start scanning process.

Step 4:- In this process, the software search for all multimedia files from your selected drive or media during scanning process.

Step 5:- Following successful scan all the files that are found in the selected volume, hard disk or the attached storage media are listed. Finally, you need to click on 'Recover' button to recover your desired file.